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About Flotsam and Jetsam

About Flotsam and Jetsam 20150217_112502(0)

A collection of bits and pieces some simply whimsical, as well as images and stories from Formby by Sean Brady.

About me.

I am a retired Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education. I became interested in 'New Media' while I was a student at St Mary's College, Twickenham, where I studied Drama alongside Pete Postlethwaite and others.

I have maintained an interest in 'New Media' throughout my personal and professional life. I like photography, video and audio production, designing websites, local politics and crown green bowling.

I am particularly interested in the development of 'hyperlocal' blog sites. I have a long history of involvement in public affairs. I first stood for election in 1979. I was eventually elected to serve as a ward councillor for Linacre ward, Sefton MBC in 1980. I served until I retired from Sefton in 1987.

For several years afterwards, I was a Green party Member and served very briefly as Co-Chair. I stood for Parliament 3 times since 1979. Then I became a member of Formby Parish Council(2003-2011) and Little Altcar Parish Council(1995-2004 and November 2012 - May 2015). I was Chair of the 10 Parish Councils for Sefton for a number of years and also represented them as a member of Sefton MBC's Local Strategic Partnership.

Silent Mansions: A life in graveyards

Silent Mansions: A life in graveyards.

A new book from Jean Sprackland.


Time to batten down the hatches this weekend

Time to batten down the hatches this weekend.

Stay safe, take care while you're out and make sure objects in the garden are secured.

NTFormby: Adapting to change at Victoria Road Car Park

NTFormby: Adapting to change at Victoria Road Car Park.

NTFormby Car Park may be closed at weekend

NTFormby Car Park may have to be closed at the weekend.

NTFormby have given prior notice that because of the weather warning from the Met Office, they may have to close the Victoria Road car park for safety reasons. Please take note if your planning a visit.

Merseyside Tidal Commission Announcement

National need for Mersey Tidal Power Project to “keep the lights on” and avoid future energy crisis

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram has introduced the Mersey Tidal Power Project.

“With demand for electricity set to double by 2050, the UK will face an energy crisis if the government doesn’t support large scale renewable projects like Mersey Tidal Power, which are key to keeping the lights on. 

“So far our work shows that Mersey Tidal Power could generate enough energy for up to 1 million homes, create thousands of jobs and make our region Britain’s renewable energy coast.

“Our unique geography makes us one of the only places in the UK where it is possible to generate massive quantities of predictable, renewable tidal electricity. With the right government support, we could be generating clean power by the end of the decade – a full ten years ahead of the city region’s zero carbon 2040 target.

Source: Mersey tidal power project

What do you think?

  • What are views about the idea?
  • Would you like to see a tidal power scheme on the Mersey?
  • What are the benefits? 
  • What problems or damage would it cause?
  • Have you any other ideas or suggestions?

Add your comments using the comment tag below.